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Hello Welcome to SKiRTLE, revolutionizing shopping and social networking. 
For ages Smart Phone and up!

SKiRTLE, home of MYread and URLread. The purpose of MYread and URLread is to assist our registered members in saving information of items you find and like from your favorite retail stores and online into your personalized vault (a FREE service). Try on something that fits perfect? Want to remember it? SKiRTLE it! That is not all. SKiRTLED items can be shared with family and friends (so they know what to buy for you). Finally, get what you want/need for that special occasion, or just any occasion, (because you pick it, it is your preference). PLUS, it saves your family and friends money and frustration as they are buying something that won’t be left in the closet or returned. SKiRTLE, return the love not the gift.

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Interested in advertising with SKiRTLE? Email us at skirtle@skirtle.com.

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