Frequently asked Questions

Frequently asked questions (FAQ):

Can I shop and save items I find online to my personalized SKiRTLE vault?

Yes! Any URL link can be saved using URLread (save items, travel information, recipes, articles etc….).

Can I arrange an event (ie: wedding shower, birthday party) as a SKiRTLE member?

Yes! Use the calendar invite, tag family and friends, and share the items.

Can I see if an item I saved is on sale?

Yes! SKiRTLE will retain the item in your vault. By simply clicking your item you will see if it is on sale.

Can I, or people I share my SKiRTLED items with, buy those items and have them shipped?

Yes! SKiRTLE will pull up the item of interest and you can purchase that item directly from the retail store when you are ready.

Does MYread work at the outlet stores?

Not yet. If items are discontinued, on clearance, or found at an outlet store SKiRTLE cannot guarantee it can be located. However, you can creatively save information from outlets etc… by pulling up URLread and typing in a note in the “website name”. For example, go to URLread and in “website name” write (Talbots outlet, Lincoln NE, white shirt item #, size M). Hit save and the information will be saved to your vault, but not as a clickable link.

What if the store I am at is not on the MYread list?

If you are at a store, which is not on the MYread list, use your smart phone to find the store online and find the item you are looking for. Save that item by saving the link to URLread. It will be saved to your vault.

Can I share items or information with my family or friends in another country?

Yes! SKiRTLE is international friendly.

Can I share items or information across other social networks?

Yes! You can SKiRTLE and share items/links from other social networking sites using URLread.

Can I chat with other SKiRTLE members?

Yes! A green dot by your friends name (at the bottom) indicates they are logged on. Simply click their name and send them a message. Chat in real time.

Is there a SKiRTLE mobile app?

Not at this time. The SKiRTLE mobile app is under development. Pull up on your smart device and save to home screen (see how it works for more information).

Why doesn’t the map feature pull up stores in my area?

The maps section is currently under development. Once in place, you can simply use the pull down menu to locate any store on our MYread system in your area or an area you may be traveling to.

I am traveling to another state on business or vacation. Will MYread work in all states?

Yes! This is the strength of SKiRTLE. We understand that whether you are in your hometown or traveling across America, the same name brand store will carry different styles of clothing. Simply use MYread to save those items you found to your personalized vault and buy them later. MYread is being developed for different countries (under development).

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