How it Works


1. Open webpage on your mobile device. Use directly 




SKiRTLE HOME PAGE. Our home page provides direct links to many popular retail stores. Simply browse items per category or choose the store you want to visit and click.


SIGN-UP.  Registration is FREE (and always private). Once a member, the user will have access to SKiRTLE’s unique MYread and URLread features. Use these tools to SKiRTLE items from your favorite brick and mortar store (at the mall) or from the web (online). Your SKiRTLED items will be saved to your personalized vault. Share those items with family and friends (via SKiRTLE friends list, Twitter, or Facebook), or simply save the information for yourself in your vault.


SKiRTLE DASHBOARD.  The SKiRTLE dashboard is viewed after login. This feature allows you an overview at a glance, your important dates/events, skirtled items/folders, friends, and profile. Short access these from your dashboard.



MYread, (Mall Shopping - to save items you find in retail stores).

1. Login. Go to SKiRTLE, then MYread. Use the pull down menu to select country then select a store to find the store you are at.

2. After choosing next, SKiRTLE will prompt you to find an indicated number on that items tag (a highlighted example will be provided for you, usually a style or item#). Enter in the number from the items tag. Double check the number and make sure you entered it correctly. Then choose save. 

The item will be automatically added to your vault.  To view, choose “skirtled items”, this will direct you to MYvault. You will see the last item SKiRTLED on the top of the list. Expand and simply press the link, which will re-direct you to the item. If your item is not there, ensure you put in the right tag number. If it is correct and your item is not there, it may be out of stock or on clearance. If you are at a store not on our pull down list but want to save an item, simply pull up the stores website on your smart phone, find the item, and SKiRTLE it using URLread (below).

3.  SKiRTLE currently lists over 80 popular stores in the United States.  We are currently underway of adding stores from other countries. Keep returning to look for these updates. 


URLread, (Online Shopping - to save items or information you find online).

1. Login. Go to SKiRTLE, then URLread.

2. Open new window and shop. Once you find any link you want to save, drag and drop (or copy and paste the website URL link) to the SKiRTLE URL link box. On the top line (Store Name), type in information that will help you remember what it is for example: (123 household (curtains) OR (ABC boat shop (fish finder)). Use the Product Description box to type in any other notes you find helpful ie: (size M, red) or (store on broadway in NY city). **Important note – DO NOT add apostrophe (‘) or dashes (-) in store name.

3. Choose “SAVE”. It is now in your personalized vault (MYvault).

  • Get creative with URLread.  Use URLread to save and share news articles, recipes, links to your bills, registry and wish lists from other social sites/stores.



MYvault: The items you SKiRTLED (in the store or online) will be found in your personalized vault, MYvault. To retrieve the item, simply expand and click the link.  Easily share items/links with family and friends (via SKiRTLE friends list, Twitter, or Facebook), or simply save the information for yourself in your vault.

Inbox: Once you accept items shared to you by other SKiRTLE members (from your friends list), the item will be located in your Vault > Inbox.

**Saving information (picture, notes, etc) to an item in your vault or inbox:  All pictures must be uploaded as .jpeg, .jpg, or .png. Once you choose the picture, hit “update”. This will upload and save the picture. Write specific notes to yourself to remember the color, size, store information or any other helpful notes (ie: sisters Bday gift or Jill may like this for Prom). After writing notes, choose update to save.



Organize and easily access your items/links by creating and moving items from your vault or inbox into folders.

FOLDERS. Choose “create folder” and name the folder (ie: school graduation, baby shower, birthday…). After creating event, move items to this folder through MYvault or Inbox by going to that item and move to the folder you choose and hit “update” to save.


SKiRTLE gives you the option to create groups.  This allows you to share items to multiple people at once.

Create Event. Choose create event. Choose one from our pull down menu or choose other. Fill in your event information and choose “create event” to save the information.

Inviting friends to event. From the Events section, click on the event name (ie: Hawaii Trip), choose “invite event”. Choose individuals friends or a group you have created to this event then choose “share”. SKiRTLE will keep track of who joined your event. This RSVP feature will allow you to plan your party.



FRIENDS. Here you can search for your friends and send them a request to befriend them. Once accepted, you will be able to share with your friend individually or add them to a group.

GROUPS. Create groups here by naming the group (ie: John’s retirement party) and then choosing “add” to add people to that group. This group can be added to events for invites.


MAPS. Get directions to your favorite store from your location.


SKiRTLE is updating and building on the features listed here.  Have a suggestion you think will make SKiRTLE better? Send us a note through FEEDBACK. These features, and more, including an app are under development. SKiRLTE members will be notified when it is released.

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